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Go Vallo!
No Bullying Zone


Vallo Transportation has taken a stand against bullying and is asking students, parents and their employees to join them in this important campaign. As a school bus transportation company, it is essential for them to continue their quest to keep all passengers safe – and given recent trends, that includes from bullies too. However, this task is a challenge for a lone bus driver with dozens of passengers, so they're elevating awareness of this effort and enlisting parents and students in the hopes that together they all can become part of the solution.

All Vallo Transportation employees participated in an extensive training session that outlined how to recognize bullying behavior, how to properly intervene, and how to create a supportive school bus climate.

Students who ride on Vallo buses were asked to pledge to NOT participate in bullying behavior and speaking up if a classmate is being bullied. Vallo distributed informational "take the pledge" bookmarks which students were asked to sign and use during the school year:


  • RESPECT my classmates
  • BE KIND and not bully others
  • SPEAK UP and help a classmate if he or she is being bullied
(Ask your Vallo bus driver for a pledge bookmark if you haven't received one yet.)

Involved parents make happier students. Essential facts and information were sent to parents so they can have convenient access to bullying information and resources. Highlights include how to recognize the warning signs if their child is being bullied, the effects of bullying, and what resources are available if help is needed.

Visit the one-stop access site from the U.S. Government on bullying information and topics at This comprehensive website includes relevant bullying information for parents, students and educators.

Thank you for joining Vallo in this campaign and becoming an advocate for student safety.